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ANTIPILL: A special finishing that is added to the fabric to prevent pilling. LYCRA: Spandex filament yarn.
BREATHABLE: Transports moisture away from the body in order for it to remain dry. MICROFIBER: Very fine filament or staple fiber used to produce lightweight, soft fabrics.
COATINGS: A treatment for water proofing or water repellency. (e.g. hydrophilic Micro-coatings or polyurethane, etc.). MICROPORUS: Material having pore spaces so fine that they allow the exit of water vapor but do not permit the passage of drops of water.
CROSS-DYE FABRICS: Dyeing of stock, yarn or fabric composed of two or more different fibers with varying dyeing properties to achieve a multicolored or color and white effect. MM (MILLIMETER): A unit of length equal to one thousandth of a meter, or 0.0394 inch.
DOBBY: Mechanical part of some looms that controls the harness to permit the weaving of small geometric figures. PILE: Raised loops or other yarns or fibers deliberately emplaced to stand away from the surface of the fabric.
DOWN: Fluffy, fibrous material that grows under the contour feathers of waterfowl. PILLING: Bunch of tangled fibers that are held to the surface of a fabric by one or more fibers.
FILAMENT: A strong, smooth, extremely long fiber that permits the use of filament in yarn without twist or with very low twist. SPANDEX: A flexible, abrasion resistant, strong fabric with excellent elongation and elastic recovery properties.
FLANEL: Light or medium weight fabrics of plain or twill weave with a slightly napped surface. SUPER STRETCH: Fabric construction that gives the garment extra stretch for optimal comfort.
FLEECE: Fabric with a soft deep pile. TWILL: The weave used to produce a fabric with diagonal parallel ribs.
HIGH-TECH TEFLON: Chemical treatment to the face of the fabrics resulting in water repellency. WATERPROOFING: Made of or coated or treated with rubber, plastic, or a sealing agent to prevent penetration by water.
INTARSIAS: A flat knit fabric with patterns knitted in solid colors, so that both sides of the fabric are alike. WICKING: Passage of liquid through or along the interstiches in a permanent material.
JACQUARDS: Weaving system that permits the production of woven designs of considerable size.  


Any materials having different characteristics in different directions are called anisotropic materials. Any additional ornamentation that accompanies a garment in order to create a specific and more fashionable look/image. (Eg: shoes, belts, sunglasses etc. )

A long-sleeved coat-like garment that reaches down to the knees or even lower, and is buttoned in front-middle. This garment is worn by men on formal occasions.

A man made or synthetic fiber made of synthetic linear macromolecules having in the chain at least 85% (by mass) of recurring cyanoethene (acrylonitrile) groups.

A design created by placing various colored diamond shaped blocks on a single colored background, usually crossed by lines in a diamond shape. This design is quite popular in men's sweaters and hosiery.

Barrel cuff: 
A single-button cuff used for fastening the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt. It is most popular type of shirt cuff.

Bedford cord: 
A woven fabric used for manufacturing men's trousers, hats, uniforms etc. The cord is has rounded cords in the warp direction with sunken lines between them used in trousers, uniforms, hats, upholstery.

Boxer briefs:
A tight-fitting style of men's inner wear covering groin area. The fabric length generally extends to mid thigh. The garment has an elastic waistband and leg closure resulting in a tighter fit. The garment is generally made of machine-combed cotton fabric.

Boxer shorts 
A loose-fitting style of men's inner wear covering groin area. The garment has an elastic at waist and is made of both cotton and silk.

A heavy and rich-looking jacquard fabric having contrasting surfaces or a multicolor design . The fabrics is often used for men's traditional formal wear like sherwani or achkan.

Cable stitch: 
A knit fabric stitch producing design that looks like a heavy cord and is commonly used in men's sweaters and hosiery.

A plain weave and light weight cotton fabric with a lustrous surface. It is commonly used for manufacturing men's handkerchiefs, underwear, shirts etc.

Canton flannel: 
A warm and heavy strong cotton or cotton blend fabric with a twill face and a brushed back. It is used for manufacturing men's nightwear, underwear, gloves, linings etc.

Obtained from the hair of Asiatic goat and used for manufacturing men's winter wear including sweaters, pullovers etc.

Chikan kari: 
A famous type of embroidery in white cotton thread, done on various fabrics including, muslin.

A durable, medium weight, twill fabric generally made of cotton or a cotton blend. The fabric is used for men's sportswear and work clothes and is generally found in khaki color.

A strong and durable woven fabric having vertical cut pile stripes or cords with a velvet- like nap. The fabric is generally made of cotton or cotton blends and mix of other fibers. It is commonly used for men's trousers and jackets.

Crew neck: 
A type of neckline typically found in men's t-shirts and sweaters.

A fabric put at the bottom of men's pants and is generally doubled over and hemmed. These cuffs help to avoid wrinkles and pleated pants look best with cuffs.

A traditional Indian dress for men and worn on the lower part of the body. It consists of a piece of unstitched cloth draped over the hips and legs. And can be worn in various styles.

A formal suit jacket having two columns of buttons, while the first column is for ornamentation, the second is for fastening the jacket.

Double-barrel cuff:
A two-button cuff used for fastening the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt. The buttons on the cuff may be aligned horizontally or vertically.

French/double cuff: 
A type of sleeve cuff that folds over onto itself and fastens with cuff links to hold the sleeves together.
FLEECE: Fabric with a soft deep pile.
HIGH-TECH TEFLON: Chemical treatment to the face of the fabrics resulting in water repellency.
Measurement taken from bottom of groin area to the floor in men's garments.

Knee length: 
Any men's garment ending at the knee or above.

A men's shoe that fastens with laces up the instep.

A men's slip-on shoe without laces

Mock turtleneck: 
A small version of a turtleneck, having an upward-protruding neckline that does not fold over.

Monk strap: 
A type of shoe having straps that can be fastened by buckles on the side.

A solid background with contrasting stripes generally spaced one half inch to 1 inch apart.

Pique knit: 
A shirt having pebble-like finish. It is exclusively used in short sleeved sumer t shirts.

Wide and multicolored stripes on different colored backgrounds for creating various patterns.

the gathering of fabric on the front of trousers creating a darted look to the pant front.

A man made or synthetic fiber blended with other fibers for use in making men's casual and sportswear.

A sweater that must be pulled over head for wearing it.

Measurement taken bottom of groin area to top of waist.

Saddle shoes: 
A type of lace- up shoes worn by men, and having a leather overlay. It resembles a saddle sewn over the arch of the foot.

A natural fiber made from silkworms and is used for manufacturing men's shirts, ties, etc.

Single breasted:
A suit jacket having one row of buttons.

Single-needle tailoring: 
Type of stitching done with the help of a single needle, either by hand or by machine.

Soft collar: 
A casual collar without stays or buttons.

Split toe: 
A lace- up formal shoe for men having a seam splitting the toe.

A term used for any garment worn by men for different sports or as casual wear.

Thread count:
Refers to the number of threads that are used in a square inch of fabric. High thread count denotes a finer weave and a finer fabric.

Three button: 
A single-breasted suit having three buttons and corresponding buttonholes.

A type of neck found in men's sweaters having 2 -4 inches of fabric at the neckline folding over onto itself.

The weave used to produce a fabric with diagonal parallel ribs.

Two button: 
A single-breasted style of coat or jacket having two buttons.

Two-ply fabric:
A fabric made of two yarns and woven together in one cloth.

A type of neck that forms a V and is commonly used in shirts, t shirts and sweaters a shirt or sweater collar that forms a point or v at the front of the neck.

Wing tip:
A traditional style of men's formal or dress shoe with an overlay of decorative punched perforations on the toe and front of the shoe.

A natural fiber sourced from sheep. It is widely used for making men's winter wear including sweaters, shirts, dress pants, suits etc.